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Amazing Affinity Patient Story

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“The program is working well. I can’t believe the change in focus, intensity and energy. My strength is almost up to levels from my mid twenties. My body weight is up, but my waist is down a bit. I appreciate how Affinity has helped my quality of life.”

Brian M. Age 35

“I have been delighted so far with the results and my experience as a customer has been great. I recently moved back to Cleveland from Florida. I was going to a similar type of clinic in Florida and was nervous that it was going to be difficult to find a high caliber anti-aging/health clinic in Cleveland. Affinity’s testing process was very thorough (much more advanced than the clinic I went to in FL) and the regimen they put me on has me feeling quite a bit younger than my 42 years of age. I have more energy, mentally I can focus much better and I have stronger workouts.”

Mike F. – Age 42

“I wasn’t happy when my Doctor told me I was average for my age and that he couldn’t prescribe me anything. I’m not looking to be average at anything I do in life. I purchased some creams and gels over the internet but they were completely ineffective. I was so happy to learn about the opening of Affinity and everything has been incredible. My enhanced productivity at work makes this program a NO BRAINER for me!”

Dave G. – Age 54

“Hot flashes, Headaches, Food cravings, and sleep disturbances are all things that I have lived with for years. Little did I know that these are all the negative consequences of hormone deficiencies that become more apparent with age. Affinity Whole Health was able to show me this through their comprehensive blood tests. The physician and their staff was very helpful, they put together a tailored HRT program for me that has me feeling and looking better than ever!”

Amanda B. – Age 54

“Getting on one of Affinity Whole Health’s personalized women’s HRT programs and weight loss protocol’s was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have lost my desired weight and feel better than I can ever remember. All of my peri-menopausal symptoms have vanished. My libido has increased dramatically and the hot flashes I had been experiencing no longer are relevant in my life. Thank you Affinity!

Karen B. – Age 50″

“I’ve lost 45 lbs and my energy levels are higher than ever. The active lifestyle that I live has become much easier to sustain. The mood swings and night sweats I had been experiencing from the undesirable effects of menopause are no longer relevant. I couldn’t imagine my life today if I hadn’t found Affinity Whole Health.”

Tami K. – Age 47

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Each therapy program is customized to fit you & your personal health goals

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Each therapy program is customized to fit
you & your personal health goals

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There is no obligation to connect with a
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