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What is Andropause?

A collection of symptoms, including fatigue and a decrease in libido, experienced by some middle-aged men and attributed to a gradual decline in testosterone levels. It is also very important to note that men of all ages can still experience these same low testosterone level symptoms.

What Symptoms do you have?

There are many different signs of whether you are a candidate for hormone replacement therapy or some of our other life changing programs. We are experts in helping patients suffering from some or all of the symptoms below. Your hormone levels have a substantial effect on many of your body’s vital daily functions. So now may be the best time to get answers.



Have you lost your edge? If you’re tired all the time, your motivation goes out the window. Work suffers. Your family life suffers. The fatigue associated…

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Low Sex Drive

Many men experience a below-normal sex drive during andropause. What is below normal? If where it is now isn’t working for you…

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Weight Gain

Trying to lose weight during andropause feels like pushing a heavy rock up a steep hill. The more out of balance your hormones become…

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Muscle Loss

Your body needs testosterone to build muscle. If you’re losing muscle mass, or finding it difficult to build new muscle, you may have…

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Many men develop a profound appreciation for sleep during andropause. That’s because sleep can be in short supply when hormones…

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Are you grouchy? Easily frustrated or quick to get angry? More importantly, are your loved ones complaining about it? Welcome to Irritable…

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Estrogen in Men

Men need a little estrogen to be healthy. It’s good for your heart, your brain, and your bones. But many men have too much, and that can result in symptoms…

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Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is the life source for the male body. It’s what makes a man a man. This is because the male body is filled with testosterone receptors…

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DHEA is produced by your adrenal glands, and is the most plentiful sex hormone in the body. Without it, your body can’t make other important hormones…

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Cortisol is the hormone responsible for releasing adrenalin when you’re under stress. In small doses, that’s good. But as the saying goes, too much…

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The thyroid gland and its many associated hormones can be thought of as the “traffic center” for your endocrine system. Thyroid hormones are important…

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Growth Hormone

Growth hormone promotes cell growth and repair within every tissue of the body. In particular, growth hormone (GH) promotes fat metabolism…

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Each therapy program is customized to fit you & your personal health goals

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There is no obligation to connect with a specialist for more information

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Each therapy program is customized to fit
you & your personal health goals

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There is no obligation to connect with a
specialist for more information

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